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SWT MetalEase-AS Advanced Structure Heavy Metals Filtration Media


The Best Just Got Better

SWT's MetalEase-AS Filtration Media is a highly processed version of our best-selling MetalEase oxidation technology. MetalEase-AS and MetalEase are capable of removing high levels of iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese, and other metals such as lead, copper, and arsenic from water. Both work on a similar principle of bringing dissolved metals out of solution into a solid form and then trapping the particles in the media bed until flushed out in the backwash cycle. They are "green" alternatives to traditional forms of iron treatment (chlorine feeders, greensand/potassium permanganate, etc.) as most applications require no chemical regeneration.
So how is MetalEase-AS even better? The Advanced Structure of MetalEase-AS provides greater oxidation potential, finer particle filtration, smaller mesh size (20 x 60 versus 12 x 40), cleaner media (it's acid-washed), and it's certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

So if you require better than the best for your heavy metal filtration application, consider MetalEase-AS. It costs more, but it's worth it.


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