Pressure Vessel Fittings Vacuum Breakers
Molded 1-inch FNPT Vacuum Breakers (P/N TS-10725) are designed to protect enclosed tanks from collapse or structural damage during draining and eliminate siphoning of dangerous fluids. There is only one moving part—the patented self-sealing diaphragm. This provides both design simplicity and maximum operating dependability. This normally-closed design seals in the identical location every time, producing a very dependable, long-life seal. These vacuum breakers will begin to break a vacuum at approximately 2-inches of mercury (1.0 psi or 0,07 bar negative pressure). Full vacuum is 29-inches of mercury.
SWT Molded PP Vacuum Breaker SWT Molded PP Vacuum Breaker cutaway SWT Molded PP Vacuum Breaker dimensions
Max. Operating Temperature: 180°F (82°C)
Max. Operating Pressure: 100 psi @ 75°F (6.9 bar @ 24°C)
Molded glass-filled polypropylene body, FKM seals
Fiberglass/composite pressure vessels are rated for an internal negative pressure of 5-inches Hg (17 Pa) vacuum below atmospheric. If negative pressure could ever exceed 5-inches Hg (17 Pa), an adequate vacuum breaker must be installed between the pressure vessel inlet and any valves (see illustration right). For enclosed tank applications, the vacuum breaker should be installed at the highest location in the system plumbing.

System connections to the pressure vessel must accomodate vertical expansion between side, top, and bottom openings. Either flexibility in piping or flex connectors, as shown here, are recommended.
SWT Vacuum Breaker and Flex Connector installation diagram
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