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SWT Water's Edge Custom Designed Underdrain Systems


Custom Engineered
and Custom Fabricated
for your Custom Application

SWT's Water's Edge underdrain components are custom designed and manufactured to match your exact application needs. Whether it's hubs, laterals, screens, or entire distribution systems, each component in a water treatment application requires special knowledge and care in its development. For example, various media and resins have particular characteristics and flow patterns which require laterals with custom slot patterns to provide even distribution across the media bed. When properly designed, an underdrain system will ensure full filter bed utilization, produce higher flow rates with less pressure drop, eliminate channeling and "dead zones," improve filtration performance, and require smaller and fewer tanks resulting in capital savings for your project. At SWT, we have more than thirty years of underdrain design and manufacturing experience and the know-how to deliver the right materials and specifications to make each and every one of your water treatment systems the best in the business to give you the edge.


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