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Field Notes by Rusty Waters
A Letter of Introduction March 2001
Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide in Well March 2001
Tannins (Organic Iron) April 2001
Tannin vs. Oxygen Potential of Water May 2001
How Much Carbon Makes a Consumer Happy? June 2001
Potential Dead Zones in Pressure Filter Tanks and What Causes It January 2011
How Many Square Feet? January 2011
O-Ring Damage Caused by Hydrocarbon-Based Lubricants September 2020
PVC/CPVC Sch80 Pipe Dimensions January 2021
Inline Centrifugal Sediment Filters June 2024
Wedgit Connectors June 2024
Polypropylene Cam Lever Couplings May 2024
Steel Filter Housings May 2024
Resin/Media Loaders and Extractors April 2024
Vacuum Breakers and Flex Connectors April 2024
Eductors April 2024
ASME Coded Fiberglass Tanks April 2024
Cartridge Tank vs SS Multi-Cartridge Housing April 2024
Cartridge Tank Cartridge Selection Guide March 2024
Cartridge Tanks - Quick Change in Seconds March 2024
Water's Edge Laterals and More March 2024
Inline Static Mixers February 2024
BraneWave UF for Colloids Removal February 2024
UF vs Absolute Rated Submicron Cartridges February 2024
Composite Tanks with Polypropylene Liner February 2024
Tannin Filtration January 2024
Filtration Cartridges and Housings January 2024
Flow Controls January 2024
Brine Control Valves January 2024
SWT's Filtration Family Holiday Portrait December 2023
UVR Series Ultraviolet Systems December 2023
UVL and UVME Commercial/Industrial UV Systems December 2023
System-Guard Depth Filter Cartridges November 2023
Jumbo Stainless Steel Filter Housings October 2023
Resin Traps October 2023
Automatic Flush Valve (AFV) October 2023
Dead Zones in Pressure Vessels and their Causes September 2023
Hubs Designed by SWT September 2023
CMX Ceramic Filtration Media August 2023
Brine Director Valves August 2023
Lock Ring Housings August 2023
Hot Water Inline Centrifugal Sediment Filters August 2023
BLS Commercial RO Systems July 2023
Media Retention Nozzles July 2023
Laterals Designed by SWT June 2023
FRP Tanks June 2023
Nitrate Removal June 2023
More Hubs Designed by SWT June 2023
Zeolite-61 Filtration Media May 2023
PVC Machined Air Injectors May 2023
MetalEase-AS Heavy Metals Filtration Media February 2023
Made-to-Order Hub and Laterals September 2022
Spectrum Plus UV/Carbon Filters August 2022
BraneWave UF with Manual Valve July 2022
DI Lights July 2022
Mobile Steel Tanks April 2021
Filter-Ox Media March 2021
Tanks May 2020
Tech Series Twin Alternating Water Softener August 2019
Tank Heads July 2017
Configuration Worksheet for Steel Tanks July 2017
Water Force June 2017
SWT's UVQ Series Ultraviolet Systems February 2017
SWT's Upstanding BraneWave UF System January 2017
FilterEase Sediment Filtration April 2015
Micronizer Venturi Air Injectors May 2014
Pleated Absolute Rated Cartridges November 2013
Water's Edge Custom Designed Underdrain Systems August 2013
UVR Series Residential UV Systems July 2013
BraneWave UF with Solar Panel February 2013
News Reports  
Chromium-6 Is Widespread in US Tap Water December 2010
President’s Anti-Cancer Panel Recommends Home Filtered Water May 2010
Medical Waste in Municipal Water March 2008
Terrorism & Our Water Supplies April 2002
EPA Issues Guidance on POU/POE Systems — Arsenic Guidance April 2002
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