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SWT Tank Heads


SWT's Custom Machined Tank Heads

are machined from solid bar stock for maximum reliability in the field. Ideal for common applications such as: deionization (DI) systems, carbon filters, sediment filters, neutralizers, portable water softeners, environmental cleanup, fluid handling in the energy sector. Manufactured from PVC (standard), CPVC, polypropylene, teflon, or PVDF for tanks with 2.5" #8 NPSM, 4" #8 UN, or 4.5" buttress opening; port sizes from 3/8 to 1.5 inch; chamfer or face o-ring seal; optional fill ports and inlet screens available.


SWT's Molded Tank Heads

are designed to be the sturdiest molded tank heads on the market. Solid, tough, glass-filled polypropylene or ABS copolymer provides years of reliable service. Perfect for carbon, DI, and other filter tank applications. These tank heads feature 0.75 inch or 1 inch FPT pipe connections. Optional 0.5 inch or 0.75 inch fill hole and DI light monitor port is available on 0.75 inch heads only. Inlet screens are also available.


SWT's Manual Backwashing Valve

features an effective design which allows three or four different service positions (bypass, shut-off, in service, backwash) by simple turning of the valve handle. The head is manually operated, requiring no electricity. This head replaces complex plumbing systems requiring the need for separate bypass valves and shut-offs. The water treatment professional will save time and money by requiring fewer parts and less installation time. Stock sizes fit most common mineral tanks with a 2.5 inch #8 tank opening.


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