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SWT's Static Mixers


Your chemical feed system's best friend

SWT's Static Mixers are designed for residential and commercial water treatment applications that require any type of chemical feed, including air and ozone. Each unit is compact for easy installation and constructed of durable PVC for long, maintenance-free life. Operating in-line and continuously with NO moving parts, these mixers will instantaneously and completely mix any combination of gas or liquid with the water stream. The unique polypropylene baffle design redivides and recombines the streams, generating turbulence, ensuring complete mixing at high flow, with very low pressure loss, and virtually no maintenance or down time. Not only are the static mixers economical, they help to reduce the cost of supplemental equipment (retention tanks, treatment tanks, motors, shafts, impellers) and increase the productivity of existing equipment. Models are available with injection port for even easier installation, and clear PVC chamber for visual inspection of the mixed product.


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