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SWT's System-Guard Depth Filter Cartridges


SWT's best performing
sediment depth cartridge

SWT's System-Guard Depth Filtration Cartridges have 65% more dirt-holding capacity and twice the life of conventional depth filters. These NSF 42 certified and FDA compliant cartridges are engineered for reverse osmosis pretreatment and other pure water applications where traditional nominal cartridges are not effective. New microfiber technology provides a tightly controlled graduated microporous structure for greater filtration efficiency with less pressure drop than any other spun polypropylene cartridge. All polypropylene construction brings high purity and broad chemical resistance to any application and an additional polypropylene support core enhances strength and temperature resistance. System-Guard's unique construction provides lower replacement costs, decreased downtime, and reduced cleaning costs. This is the best performing sediment depth cartridge SWT has ever offered.


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