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UVR Series Residential UV Systems


The Final Line of Defense
in Home Water Treatment

SWT's UVR Series is designed to provide years of reliable and economical ultraviolet water disinfection to the home or office water supply. Whether it's municipal or well water, these basic units are the perfect final polisher to any reverse osmosis system, iron filter, carbon filter, water softener or conditioner. UVR models are simple and easy to install and maintain, and effectively reduce bacteria by up to 99.9%. There are no moving parts to wear out, and no taste or harmful by-products left in the water. SWT's unique clean quartz sleeve technology prevents fouling and allows for clearer UV transmission throughout the life of the unit. And the special UV-Glow gland nut design not only provides easy access to the quartz sleeve and lamp for maintenance--it also illuminates when the UV lamp is on, thereby eliminating the need for pesky alarms.
Made in the USA.


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