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ASME Coded Fiberglass Tanks from SWT


Safer, more dependable operation

ASME Coded Fiberglass Tanks from SWT are built to precise standards and tested as proof of design. This provides assurance that these tanks have been strictly fabricated in exact accordance with specifications and eliminates costly modifications to the vessel. These accreditations are a significant achievement in quality control and represent the best design, fabrication, and inspection technology available today. These tanks offer a variety of connections including 6 inch top flange, 6 inch bottom flange, 4 inch top and bottom side flanges, and 16 inch top manway. Tank sizes range from 18 to 63 inch diameter with 62 to 1600 gallon capacity. They feature an inner shell constructed of high molecular weight polyethylene and are 100% corrosion-free.
Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.
Made in the USA.


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Elgin, IL 60120 USA
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