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Laterals Designed by SWT


Some solutions require
LATERAL thinking

SWT designs laterals* for many types of distribution systems to significantly improve efficiencies and performance in filter media or resin beds. We will recommend materials of construction, hub design, and lateral configurations best suited to your system requirements.
Efficiencies up to 40 percent better than standard laterals
Reduced regenerant consumption
Eliminate dead zones and channeling

If you would like SWT to design laterals and/or complete distribution systems, please provide the following information:
Standard service flow rate per vessel
Peak service flow rate per vessel
Backwash rate per vessel
Vessel dimensions and description (or vessel drawing)
Maximum operating temperature
Mesh size of filter media/resin or slot width required
Material of construction preferred, if any
Solution description if other than water with nearly neutral pH

* 100% non-corrosive materials. Made in USA.


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