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SWT's BraneWave Ultrafiltration System effectively filters suspended solids, colloids, and silt from water


When particles colloid

SWT's BraneWave UF System removes suspended solids, colloids (colloidal silica, colloidal iron, colloidal clay, biological slimes, etc), and fine silt particles that prematurely clog traditional filtration cartridges and foul ion exchange resins, multimedia filters and clarifiers. It is extremely effective in shallow well applications, as part of a multi-barrier treatment of surface water (sea water, lakes, rivers, fresh water bodies), and for pretreating RO feed water to increase membrane life and lower operating costs. This filter is also designed as a barrier to cysts (Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium), bacteria, and virus.
Why BraneWave UF System?
Continuous, high quality, crystal clear product water
Environmentally friendly (no chemical usage)
Elegant and easy to keep clean
Simple and quick installation
Long life and low fouling resistance membrane
Chlorine compatible
High/low pH resistance
Reduces turbidity, silicates, and TOC
Consistent water quality (product water is independent of feed variability)
Improves downstream RO performance
Small space requirement
Modular design for easy expansion
Low energy and O&M costs


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