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SWT Polypropylene Cam Couplings


A coupling of new products

SWTs Polypropylene (PP) Cam Couplings are precision molded of sturdy glass-filled polypropylene material for rugged strength and durability, and to insure a uniform and accurate fit. Stainless steel arms, pins, and finger rings are designed for easy opening of the cam levers.

These cam and groove couplings, also known as cam lock fittings, consist of a male "adapter" and female "coupler". The adapter has a groove on the outside that is engaged by the "cam arms" on the outside of the coupler to create a seal between the flat face of the adapter and the gasket inside the coupler. These fittings are a simple and economical way of making and breaking connections between vessels, pumps, and hoses. Best of all, they are MIL-SPEC (Military Specification) standard around the world so you'll never get stuck with a single vendor's proprietary disconnect system and have trouble adding on to it several years down the road.

Made in USA.


Type A
Male Adapter x Female Thread

Type B
Female Coupler x Male Thread

Type C
Female Coupler x Hose Shank

Type D
Female Coupler x Female Thread

Type E
Male Adapter x Hose Shank

Type F
Male Adapter x Male Thread

Type DC
Dust Cap for Male Adapter

Type DP
Dust Plug for Female Coupler



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