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SWT's Media Retention Nozzles


So many names... So many styles...
One more way SWT takes the strain
from your baffling application needs.

Whatever name you call them, SWT's Strainers / Nozzles / Screens / Collectors (at SWT, we usually refer to them as Baffle Plate Strainers) are an ideal solution for applications with heavy amounts of media whose weight could compromise the integrity of unsupported screens. Commonly used in water treatment for the retention of sand, anthracite, activated carbon, ion exchange resin, and more—baffle plate strainers withhold the media while allowing the treated liquid to pass through the filtration process at the desired flow rate.
SWT's baffle plate strainers are available in a variety of materials and configurations to match your individual water treatment needs. Choose from ABS economy models for basic performance, to more advanced polypropylene models for applications requiring pH or chemical resistance. Non-clogging, continuous slot, wedge wire design models made of SS316L or polyproyplene provide long lasting, durable support under heavier loads. Modular design models allow for quick disassembly and easy accessibility. And all models give you the reliability you want with the flow rate you require.
If needed, SWT can also custom manufacture to your exact specifications.


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