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SWT's CPVC Hub and Laterals Made to Order


Made-to-order by SWT

At SWT, our specialty is designing and manufacturing water treatment components that mate and work efficiently and precisely with steel and fiberglass pressure tanks.
Pictured above, is one of the custom CPVC hub and lateral distribution systems we recently completed. It was designed for use in a 96 inch, 2 to 1 elliptical steel tank with arched bottom to sluice media. The A-style hub mounts with an ANSI flange bottom. On top, a removable closure (with spanner wrench holes) provides access to install the ANSI flange bolts from inside the hub. The hub has (30) 1-1/2 inch FNPT lateral ports arranged in three rows of ten ports each. Each row of laterals is pitched at different angles to minimize dead zones (or reduce support bed). Each lateral is 42 inches in length and has 0.016 inch slots with spacing configured for 396 gpm per tank.
This hub and laterals system is yet another fine example of SWTs expertise in the design and manufacture of custom components for the water treatment industry.
Face it, who else knows how to make this stuff?


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