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SWT Vacuum Breakers and Flex Connectors


Two small products can
safeguard your big tanks against
implosion, explosion, and erosion

Large pressure vessels used in costly commercial and industrial applications are especially vulnerable to expansion and/or vacuum conditions. Tank manufacturers require adequate protection to avoid failure and maintain vessel integrity and warranty. SWT Vacuum Breakers automatically vent a closed system to atmosphere when a vacuum is created. They are available machined from solid PVC or CPVC bar with Delrin valve body, rubber seats, and stainless steel spring action or molded from glass-filled polypropylene with FKM seals. SWT Flex Connectors are available in a variety of end connections, sizes, and materials of construction for maximum pipe flexibility and dependability.
SWT vacuum breakers are designed to economically protect your tanks from implosion due to siphoning, SWT flex connectors reliably guard your piping from explosion caused by vessel expansion, and both securely defend your business from erosion resulting from disasterous lawsuits.



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