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Vacuum Protection for Pressure Vessels
Machined Vacuum Breakers
These vacuum breakers are available with a machined PVC or CPVC body and thread or spigot connection. They automatically vent a closed system to atmosphere when a vacuum of approximately 2-inches of water column (5 millibar or 0.07 psi) is present.
Molded Vacuum Breaker
These vacuum breakers are constructed with a glass filled polypropylene body and FKM seals. The maximum operating temperature is 180°F (82°C). These vacuum breakers will begin to break a vacuum at approximately 2-inches of mercury (1.0 psi or 0,07 bar negative pressure). Full vacuum is 29-inches of mercury.
Flex Connectors
Flex Connectors are recommended to accommodate the vertical expansion between the side, top, and bottom opening of fiberglass/ composite pressure vessels in commercial and industrial applications. Available in a variety of connections, sizes, and materials of construction.
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