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SWT Spectrum Plus UV/Carbon Filters


Brighten up your service contracts
with SWT's UV/carbon filter tank

SWT's Spectrum Plus is the one-tank water treatment solution that combines UV disinfection with carbon filtration for homes and businesses. These units feature a stainless steel UV chamber placed inside a 9 x 40 or 12 x 48 FRP carbon filtration vessel and are capable of filtering hundreds of gallons per day (10 gpm). These high quality systems are designed to provide homes and businesses with bacteriological control, chemical reduction, and taste and odor improvement in one easy-to-service unit. It solves many problems for homeowners, makes great money for dealers, and has residual income built-in (lamps and carbon require scheduled dealer servicing). If the homeowner is on your annual service plan, they get great tasting water with bacteriological control and you get the gift that keeps on giving.
It's a great win-win product.


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