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SWT's BraneWave UF vs Absolute Rated Submicron Cartridges


UF vs Absolute PES or PP
Submicron Cartridges

The BraneWave UF unit is composed of NSF 61 certified polysulfone hollow fibers (lumens), assembled with NSF 61 components, and the system is BioVir certified and tested for log reduction. The hollow fiber construction ensures strength, while exhibiting low pressure drop and exceptionally high flow rates.
Advantages of SWT's BraneWave UF System
over Absolute Cartridges

Years of life (typical 7 years or more)
Lower operating cost
Automatic backwashing system
Less frequent maintenance requirements
Green technology—no cartridges to throw away
Remove tannins of higher molecular weights
Remove colloids and silt
Remove endotoxins (requires clean water backwash)
0.02 micron filtration is finer than 0.1 for cartridges
Great surface area (194 square feet)
Pressure decay tested by SWT prior to shipment
UF BraneWave Field Test Kit available for bench testing


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