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swtwater.com BraneWave™ UF Field Test Kit
0.02 Micron Ultrafiltration
SWT's BraneWave UF Field Test Kit
BraneWave UF Field Test Kit
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BraneWave UF Field Test Kit Includes
(1) BraneWave UF Field Test Module
(2) Female Adapters, 1 inch FBSP x 1 inch ASTM spigot, Sch40 PVC
(2) Reducer Bushings, 1 inch spigot x 3/4 inch FPT, Sch80 PVC
(2) Reducer Bushings, 3/4 inch MPT x 1/4 inch FPT, Sch80 PVC
(2) Plugs, 3/4 inch MPT, Sch80 PVC
(1) Coupling, 3/4 inch MPT or 1/2 inch FPT x 3/4 inch garden hose, brass
(1) Diverter Valve Kit with 1/4 inch elbow
(1) Diverter Adapter, 15/16 inch, brass
(1) Diverter Adapter, 13/16 inch, brass
(1) Long Reach Spout with 1/4 inch elbow, chrome plated
SWT’s BraneWave™ UF Field Test Kit is designed to quickly and dramatically demonstrate the results of installing a BraneWave UF System on a subject water application with visible particles (including sediment or tannin). For tannin removal, since the molecular weights vary widely, it is especially important that the filtration level be determined prior to a full-system installation. Using the necessary combination of fittings included with the test kit, attach the BraneWave UF Field Test Module to an untreated faucet and run the water through the module. Clear, clean water indicates immediately that the tannin problem can be successfully solved with a BraneWave UF System. It’s that quick and simple.
Features and Benefits
Demonstrates effectiveness of BraneWave Ultrafiltration System
Installs quickly and easily to faucet
All hardware included, no tools necessary
Determines tannin removal ability of BraneWave UF System prior to installation
Requires only water pressure to operate, no pump necessary
SWT's BraneWave UF Field Test Module The BraneWave™ UF Field Test Module is a hollow fiber ultrafilter installed within a 1.25 x 8 inch polypropylene sleeve with specified inlet and outlet ends.
BraneWave UF Field Test Module Specifications
Filtration Level: 0.02 micron
Operating Temperature: 35 to 100°F (2 to 38°C)
Operating Pressure (Inlet): 10 to 100 psi (0.68 to 6.8 bar)
Continuous Flow Rate: 0.84 gpm at 50 psi and 68°F (20°C)
0.68 gpm at 40 psi and 68°F (20°C)
End Openings: 1 inch male BSP
Shipped with protective end caps and a preservative solution of Glycerine and Metabisulfite.
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