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SWT's UVQ Series Ultraviolet System


One for all
All four in one

SWTs UVQ Series Ultraviolet Systems offer as many as four different fluid streams treated with one ultraviolet lamp.

For example, you can treat the incoming RO supply water, the recirculation loop, and the product water with a single UV unit in order to keep membrane biofouling issues to an absolute minimum. That's economy of space, time, and money.

The unique four pathway design optimizes a single high output lamp, which will not heat up the water as it passes through four quartz glass chambers inside the enclosure.

Significant cost savings
One UV system instead of 2, 3, or 4
Less space required
Lower operating costs
Only one lamp replacement
Faster, easier maintenance
Single fan-cooled ballast
Easy ballast access and changeout
Unique cooling design does not heat up water
Liquid flow in either direction
Horizontal or vertical mounting
White powder-coated galvanized steel enclosure
Made in the USA



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