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Residential/Commercial/Industrial UV Systems
SWT’s UVQ Series Ultraviolet Systems provide a compact, fully customizable design for use with low flow rate applications. These units can be configured to treat 1, 2, 3, or 4 separate water streams at the same time.
SWT's UVQ Ultraviolet System
Quartz treatment chambers reduce water heating
Multi-pass flexibility, field expandability
Standard or high output models available
Unique cooling design
Removable electronics tray for quick access
Horizontal or vertical mounting
Quartz sleeve can be removed from either end
White powder-coated, galvanized steel enclosure
Water passes through as many as four quartz disinfection chambers located in close proximity to a single ultraviolet lamp. This insures maximum ultraviolet output. The system is fan cooled to mitigate water heating.

The ultraviolet disinfection chamber quartz sleeves are inserted through CPVC threaded nipples and held in place with removable gland nuts and o-rings. Chambers can be added at any time from either end. The inlet/outlet connections are 1/2 or 3/4 inch FNPT and allow for water flow in either direction.

The UVQ Series enclosure is powder-coated, galvanized steel with a removable top panel. The top panel has a UV lamp view port and a safety switch to turn the lamp off when the top panel is removed. The electronics are situated on a removable tray located inside the enclosure, designed for quick removal/replacement for repair by field personnel.

UVQ Series Systems can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Made in the USA.
APPLICATIONS:  Reverse Osmosis, Water Vending, Laboratories, Medical
UVQ Series Ultraviolet Systems — Standard Output
Number of
Flow Rate for UV Dosage at End of Lamp Life *
16 mJ/cm² 30 mJ/cm² 40 mJ/cm²
UVQ-1S-5 1/2 inch FNPT 1 4 GPM 2 GPM 1.5 GPM
UVQ-1S-7 3/4 inch FNPT
UVQ-2S-5 1/2 inch FNPT 2 8 GPM 4 GPM 3 GPM
UVQ-2S-7 3/4 inch FNPT
UVQ-3S-5 1/2 inch FNPT 3 12 GPM 6 GPM 4.5 GPM
UVQ-3S-7 3/4 inch FNPT
UVQ-4S-5 1/2 inch FNPT 4 16 GPM 8 GPM 6 GPM
UVQ-4S-7 3/4 inch FNPT
* Based on 99% UVT
UVQ Series Ultraviolet Systems — High Output
Number of
Quartz Sleeves
Flow Rate for UV Dosage at End of Lamp Life *
16 mJ/cm² 30 mJ/cm² 40 mJ/cm²
UVQ-1H-5 1/2 inch FNPT 1 5 GPM 2.5 GPM 2 GPM
UVQ-1H-7 3/4 inch FNPT
UVQ-2H-5 1/2 inch FNPT 2 10 GPM 5 GPM 4 GPM
UVQ-SH-7 3/4 inch FNPT
UVQ-3H-5 1/2 inch FNPT 3 15 GPM 7.5 GPM 6 GPM
UVQ-3H-7 3/4 inch FNPT
UVQ-4H-5 1/2 inch FNPT 4 20 GPM 10 GPM 8 GPM
UVQ-4H-7 3/4 inch FNPT
* Based on 99% UVT
Vibration of ultraviolet equipment will damage lamps and lead to premature system failure. Choose a location for the UV unit that is isolated from vibration. Potential vibration sources include heavy equipment, poorly connected pipes, and erratic or improper pumps.
Install the unit as close as possible to the point-of-use.
The unit is designed to be installed vertically or horizontally with a clearance at one end at least equal to the overall length of the chamber plus 4 inches for removal of the quartz sleeve.
UVQ Overall Dimensions (Inches)  32” L x 5.8” W x 5” H  
Operating pressure should not exceed 125 psi. A water hammer may cause o-ring failure. If the UV system is subject to water hammer conditions, it is recommended that a water surge suppressor be installed.
Inlet water temperature should not exceed 100ºF.
Ambient temperatures in the area surrounding the UV unit should be between 25 and 90ºF.
Be sure transmission of water meets acceptable standards.
Turbidity  5 NTU maximum Iron  0.3 ppm maximum
Suspended Solids  10 mg/L maximum Manganese  0.05 mg/L maximum
Color  None pH  6.5 to 9.5 maximum
Hardness  7 Grains maximum  
Flow rate must not exceed rated capacity. Use of SWT Flow Controls is recommended.
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