Filtration Media MetalEase™
Heavy Metal Removal Media
MetalEase™ by Safe Water Technologies represents a relatively new technology, and a simple method of iron and heavy metals filtration that is quickly becoming a popular alternative to chemical oxidation (chlorine feeders, greensand/potassium permanganate, etc.). Although MetalEase works on a similar principle of bringing dissolved metals out of solution, most MetalEase filter applications require no chemical regeneration, just a simple vigorous backwashing.
MetalEase is capable of removing high levels of iron, hydrogen sulfide, and other metals such as lead and manganese. The media first brings the metals out of solution into a solid form and then traps the particle in the MetalEase bed until the particle is flushed out of the tank in the backwash cycle.

MetalEase is designed to be used in place of traditional forms of iron treatment and can be installed on either well or municipal water supplies. It is the perfect companion to softeners, RO systems, and carbon filters.

MetalEase is capable of removing virtually unlimited amounts of the above contaminants, but tends to work better in some geographic areas than others, depending on the levels of TDS or heme iron (organics) in the local water supplies. If you have had success in the past with Greensand, Birm®, Pyrolox™, or Filox-R™, then MetalEase will work for you using the same parameters. In addition, MetalEase can also be pushed beyond the listed removal capabilities by adding such things as air injectors or extended contact times, but not in all areas or on all waters. There is a bit of a learning curve, and some trial and error may be required. But for those who have mastered the applications, this is a wonderful method of treatment and a great way to give your customers good water without the messy chemicals.
For safety and handling purposes, avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Avoid breathing the dust and always use adequate ventilation. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep away from heat and easily oxidizable materials.
MetalEase™ is a trademark of Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
Birm® is a registered trademark of Clack Corp.
Pyrolox™ is a trademark of American Minerals.
Filox-R™ is a trademark of Matt-Son, Inc.
  Iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese removal  
  Taste and odor reduction  
  Turbidity reduction  
  Virtually unlimited life expectancy  
Active Ingredients 75 to 85%
Color Gray - Black
Physical Form Granular
Mesh Size 12 x 40
Bulk Density 114 lbs/cu.ft.
Taste and Odor None
Life Expectancy Virtually unlimited for low contaminant conditions
Shipping Weight 57 lbs per 1/2 cu.ft.
Packaging Plastic lined, heavy duty
1/2 cu.ft. paper bag
Service Flow Rate 4 to 5 gpm/cu.ft.
Freeboard 30 to 40%
Backwash Rate 15 to 20 gpm/sq.ft. @ 60°F
Minimum Bed Depth 24 inches
pH Range 5.0 to 9.0
Iron 10 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide 5 ppm
Manganese 3 ppm
SWT Filtration Media Guide
Iron Removal Comparison Chart
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