Safe Water Technologies, Inc. SWT Reverse Osmosis Systems
Residential RO Systems
Countertop with a 24 GPD TFC Membrane
Gemini™ RO System is the most compact 140 GPD available
Undersink RO Systems with multi-stage cartridge filtration
   — SWT Premium™ with a 50 GPD TFC Membrane
   — SWT MetalsMaster™ with a 50 GPD TFC Membrane
       & Heavy Metal Prefiltration
   — SWT BioMaster™ with a 50 GPD TFC Membrane, Heavy
       Metal Prefiltration, & UV Purifier
Commercial RO Systems
BLS Series from 400 to 18,000 GPD
Brackish Water, River Intake, & Seawater Intrusion Systems
Very High TDS, Brackish Water, River Intake, & Seawater Intrusion Systems
Seawater Desalination Systems

RO Components
Pumps, Membranes, Housings, Clips, Faucets, & Fittings

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