Safe Water Technologies, Inc. Commercial/Industrial Equipment
Deionization Systems
Commercial Deionization Systems

Inline Centrifugal Sediment Filters
Spin Down and Sediment Trapper Filters
Hot Water Spin Down and Sediment Trapper Filters
Chemical Resistant Spin Down and Sediment Trapper Filters
Automatic Flush Valve

Water Softeners & Filters
Commercial Water Softeners and Conditioners
Commercial Sediment Filters
Commercial Carbon Filters
Commercial Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Heavy Metals Filters
Non-Backwash Filter Systems
Industrial Water Softeners and Filters

UV Systems
UVCR Series Commercial UV Systems — 10 to 60 gpm
UVME Series Commercial/Industrial UV Systems — 19 to 170 gpm
UVMP Series Commercial/Industrial UV Systems — 35 to 235 gpm
UVI Series Commercial/Industrial UV Systems — 25 to 1,345 gpm

RO Systems
BLS Series — 400 to 18,000 GPD
Brackish Water, River Intake, & Seawater Intrusion Systems
Very High TDS, Brackish Water, River Intake, & Seawater
       Intrusion Systems

Seawater Desalination Systems

Commercial / Industrial Softener & Filter Site Analysis — Web Form
Commercial / Industrial Reverse Osmosis Site Analysis — Web Form
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