Industrial Water Systems Softeners and Filter Systems
Water Softeners with Steel Tanks Water Softeners with Composite Tanks
Activated Carbon Filters with Steel Tanks Activated Carbon Filters with Composite Tanks
MetalEase™ Filters with Steel Tanks MetalEase™ Filters with Composite Tanks
FilterEase™ Filters with Steel Tanks FilterEase™ Filters with Composite Tanks
Multi-Media Filters with Steel Tanks Multi-Media Filters with Composite Tanks
Industrial Systems Safe Water Technologies manufactures easy to install, and easy to operate, industrial-sized softeners and filters. We specialize in flow rates up to 500 gpm. SWT’s systems utilize a choice of either metal or plastic diaphragm valves.

Steel tanks with NSF approved liners and primers, or filament wound polyglass tanks for caustic environments are both available. Special steel tanks with rubber linings for caustic acid are also available. All systems utilize the SWT Pro Series of resins, carbon, and filter media. Let SWT show you how we can save you and your customers money with advanced controls that leave the options open for series, parallel, or sequential operation.

These systems are custom built to your specific request, or custom designed for individual applications. Available with flanged or NPT connections. Variations are too numerous to list.
  • 3, 4, & 5 Tank Systems
• Carbon Filters
• Nema Enclosures
• Turbidity Filtration
• Softeners
• Diaphragm Valve Nests
• Plastic Valves
• Sequential Backwash
• Duplex Systems
• Piping up to 4 inch
• Steel Tanks
• NSF Approved Coatings
• All Voltages
• Multi-layer Filters
• Flow to 500 gpm
• Systems up to 150 psi
• Sand Filters
• Garnet
• Gravel
• Anthracite
• FilterEase™ or MetalEase™
• Quick Lead Times
• Metal Valves
• Twin Alternating Systems
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Last Updated: June 20, 2018