Pipe Sanitizing System
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SWT Chlorastick Pipe Sanitizing System
Safe Water Technologies has just made
pipe sanitation easy with the new
Chlorastick™ Pipe Sanitizing System!
This quick release pipe sanitizer is installed directly
inline with the pipes for easy set-up and maintenance.
To get rid of downstream contamination, most UV manufacturers recommend that water treatment professionals sanitize the pipes prior to installing a UV system. Now, Safe Water Technologies provides the solution to complete this job simply, safely, and effectively, with no mess, no liquid chemicals, and no chemical handling.

The Chlorastick™ easily connects inline. The disposable, clear chlorine pellet chamber attaches quickly with union connectors. The clear chamber provides visual access to monitor the release of the chlorine tablets. When the tablets have dissolved, the disposable clear chamber is simply removed and replaced with the included Schedule 80 PVC pipe.

The Chlorastick™ system makes repeat sanitation easy too. Most UV systems require annual servicing for bulb replacement. Whenever it’s time to change a UV lamp or service a unit, the pipes can again be quickly, efficiently, and profitably re-sanitized just by dropping in a replacement chlorine module.

Every time you maintain or install any piece of equipment (such as a new water softener, carbon filter, ultraviolet system, or iron filter) you can now earn your dealership extra income and stay ahead of the competition by offering a value-added service with the Chlorastick™. Maybe it’s even time to set up an annual service route...
Here is what the system includes:
•  Lever action, brass ball valves
•  Quick release, union fittings with O-ring seals
•  Disposable, clear chlorine pellet chamber
•  Schedule 80 PVC replacement pipe
Chlorastick™ Pipe Sanitizing System
Description Connection
APS-CSA 3/4" Chlorastick™ Pipe Sanitizing System (Includes One Chlorine Module) 3/4" FNPT
APS-CSRA 3/4" Chlorastick™ Replacement Chlorine Module 3/4" Union
APS-CSA-1 1" Chlorastick™ Pipe Sanitizing System (Includes One Chlorine Module) 1" FNPT
APS-CSRA-1 1" Chlorastick™ Replacement Chlorine Module 1" Union
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Last Updated: June 13, 2018