Air Injectors Machined PVC Air Injectors
SWT Machined PVC Air Injectors are easily installed in-line before filter systems when the percentage of dissolved oxygen content may be too low for effective oxidation.

SWT Machined PVC Air Injector

SWT Machined PVC Air Injector Dimensions Drawing

These injectors operate with service flow as low as 1½ gpm. They draw air by a venturi effect and inject it into the water system. Rated working flows up to 15 gpm.
Machined from solid PVC, this injector is durable and resistant to chemicals, rust, and corrosion. The air injector has an adjustable bypass for fine adjustment of the air/volume ratio. The venturi and all other components are easily disassembled for cleaning.
Part Number: SM-EDUC-1-PVC
Connection Size: 1 inch FNPT
Part Number: SM-EDUC-1BSPT-PVC
Connection Size: 1 inch BSPT
Materials of Construction: PVC, Brass, SS 316, Talc-filled PP with Buna Seals and Teflon Tape
Flow Range: 0 to 15 gpm
SWT Machined PVC Air Injector Installation Diagram
1. Be sure the well pump has the capacity necessary for proper operation. 3 gpm, 60 psi are the minimum requirements for a draw of 1 cu.ft. of air per hour with a holding tank pressure of 30 psi.
2. Be sure to place the air injector before the pressure tank, (between the well pump and the pressure tank).
3. Set the pressure switch for at least a 20 psi differential between pump start and pump stop.
4. Adjust the bypass screw so that the unit draws air for the first one third of the pump cycle. Refer to Table 1 below.
5. Install a strainer ahead of the unit to prevent particles from lodging in the nozzle.
6. Install pressure gauges before and after air injector for adjusting and maintaining necessary pressures.
Table 1
Bypass Screw Position Continuous Flow Pressure Range
40 to 20 psi 50 to 30 psi 60 to 40 psi
Approximate Flow Rate in US Gallons per Minute
(0 turns out)
2 2 2
1/4 Open
(2.5 turns out)
4 4 4
1/2 Open
(5 turns out)
8 9 9
3/4 Open
(7.5 turns out)
11 12 12
Full Open
(10 turns out)
15 16 16
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