Commercial Water Softeners Tech Series Twin Alternating Softeners
SWT's Tech Series Twin Alternating Water Softener
NOTE: This system is available as a twin alternating system only. A twin parallel configuration is not an option.
SWT’s Tech Twin Alternating System provides continuous soft water all day. Everyday! One tank is always in service, while the other tank is in regeneration or standby. Plus, the system backwashes with softened water to eliminate hardness carryover. Tech systems feature the newest in computer monitoring technology for maximized efficiency, and SWT’s Cyclonic Distributor System™ to provide full bed contact, less channeling, and superior backwashing.
100% corrosion free system with stylish all black components
Energy efficient controller uses less than $5.00 of electricity per year
Optional double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability, and efficiency
Downflow or upflow brining regeneration
All units include internal bypass, brine tank, and (2) brine pickups with air check assembly
10 year warranty on tank, 5 year warranty on valve
Safety floats and chrome finish tank jackets available
Made in USA
Applications: RO pretreatment; restaurants; spray systems; laundromats; car washes, boiler feed
Computer Metered Systems with Professional Level Programming
Part Number Tank
Softening Capacity *
Grains / Lbs of Salt
System Service
Flow Rate
Max. Valve
Flow Rate
@15 psid
6 lbs
10 lbs
15 lbs
Standard Peak
WSCEETA-100 9 x 48 23,800 30,200 34,400 5 GPM 10 GPM 27 GPM 1 inch Brass Sweat
WSCEETA-150 10 x 54 35,700 45,300 51,600 7.5 GPM 15 GPM 27 GPM 1 inch Brass Sweat
WSCEETA-200 12 x 52 47,600 60,400 68,800 10 GPM 20 GPM 27 GPM 1 inch Brass Sweat
WSCEETA-250 13 x 54 59,500 75,500 86,000 12.5 GPM 25 GPM 27 GPM 1 inch Brass Sweat
WSCEETA-300 13 x 65 71,400 90,600 103,200 15 GPM 27 GPM 27 GPM 1.25 inch Brass Sweat
WSCEETA-350 14 x 65 83,300 105,700 120,400 17.5 GPM 27 GPM 27 GPM 1.25 inch Brass Sweat
WSCEETA-400 16 x 65 95,200 120,800 137,600 20 GPM 27 GPM 27 GPM 1.25 inch Brass Sweat
WSCEETA-500 18 x 65 119,000 151,000 172,000 25 GPM 27 GPM 27 GPM 1.25 inch Brass Sweat
WSCEETA-700 21 x 62 166,600 211,400 240,800 27 GPM 27 GPM 27 GPM 1.25 inch Brass Sweat
Operating capacities based on influent of 400 ppm as CaCO3 with a ratio of 2 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium at 2.0 gpm/cu.ft. flow rate. Capacities include 10% safety factor.
  Operating Pressure: 20 to 125 psi         Operating Water Temperature: 40 to 110°F
  Valve Service Cv = 7.28
Additional Equipment:
LC-V3006 Bypass Valve
RG-TJ0948EC Chrome Tank Jacket, 9 x 48 inch
RG-TJ1054EC Chrome Tank Jacket, 10 x 54 inch
RG-TJ1252EC Chrome Tank Jacket, 12 x 52 inch
LC-V3175WC-W White Weather Cover
LC-V3175WC-A Almond Weather Cover
LC-V3022 Stack Puller
LC-V3193-02 Service Spanner Wrench
LC-V3186-05 AC Adapter (Transformer) 15V DC (North America Indoor) — STANDARD
LC-V3186-OD AC Adapter (Transformer) 110V-12V (North America Outdoor)
LC-V3186AUS-05 AC Adapter (Transformer) 15V DC (Australia Indoor)
LC-V3186AUS-OD AC Adapter (Transformer) 240V-12V (Australia Outdoor)
LC-V3186EU-05 AC Adapter (Transformer) 15V DC (Europe Indoor)
LC-V3186EU-OD AC Adapter (Transformer) 240V-12V (Europe Outdoor)
LC-V3186UK-05 AC Adapter (Transformer) 15V DC (UK Indoor)
Grid plates, safety floats in brine tank, and alternate packaging for individual shipment also available.
Substitutions by Request:
LC-BT1833BLK Brine Tank, 18 x 33 inch, Black
LC-BT151733BLK Brine Tank, 18 x 40 inch, Black
FITTINGS Click to view all Fitting Kits listed below.
LC-V3007 1 inch PVC Male NPT Elbow Assembly
LC-V3007-01 3/4 x 1 inch PVC Solvent Elbow Assembly
LC-V3007-02LF 1 inch Brass Sweat Assembly (Lead Free) — STANDARD
LC-V3007-03LF 3/4 inch Brass Sweat Assembly (Lead Free)
LC-V3007-04 1 inch Plastic Male NPT Assembly
LC-V3007-05 1.25 inch Plastic Male NPT Assembly
LC-V3007-06 1 inch Plastic Male BSPT Assembly
LC-V3007-07 1.25 & 1.5 inch PVC Solvent Assembly
LC-V3007-08 1.25 inch Plastic Male BSPT Assembly
LC-V3007-09LF 1.25 & 1.5 inch Brass Sweat Assembly (Lead Free) — STANDARD
LC-V3007-12LF 3/4 inch SharkBite® Assembly (Lead Free)
LC-V3007-13LF 1 inch SharkBite® Assembly (Lead Free)
LC-V3007-14 3/4 inch Plastic Male BSPT Assembly
LC-V3007-15 3/4 inch John Guest® Elbow Assembly
LC-V3007-16 1 inch PVC Male BSPT Elbow Assembly
LC-V3007-17 1 inch John Guest® Straight Assembly
LC-V3007-18 3/4 inch Plastic Male NPT Assembly
LC-V3007-19 3/4 inch John Guest® Straight Assembly
LC-V3191-01 Vertical 90 degree Adapter Assembly
A black 15 x 17 x 33 inch brine tank (P/N LC-BT151733BLK) with injection molded lid is standard with all units. Substitutions are available on request (see above).
Brass sweat installation fittings are standard. Substitutions are available on request (see above).
All units are supplied with ProSoft™ Premium 8% crosslink resin. Resin substitutions are available on request at extra cost.
Resin ratings are as follows:
ProSoft™ Gold 7% 32,000
ProSoft™ Premium 8% 33,000
ProSoft™ Fine Mesh 8% 34,600
ProSoft™ Heavy Duty 10% 35,600
ProSoft™ High Porosity 12% 28,000
In basic terms, crosslinkage refers to the resin beads’ physical strength or ability to withstand chemical attack from chlorine, resin bed cleaners, and caustics used in DI applications.
SWT Cyclonic Distributor System
SWT Systems Include the REVOLUTIONARY
Up to 30% less backwash flow rate is required...conserving water for the customer
Distributor plate is designed for more than 6,500 lbs load capacity
Reduces system pressure loss while increasing flow and efficiency through the bed
Bottom plate distributor (shown left) available for 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 16 inch diameter tanks
Mid plate distributors (up to 4 per tank) available for 10 inch and 13 inch diameter tanks
This environmentally friendly design offers the most efficient service and backwashining characteristics available — reducing the amount of water to drain in backwash, while increasing the overall filtration capacity of a system. Click here for more information.
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