Mineral Extractor
swtwater.com Mineral Extractor
For Tanks with Cyclonic Distributor System
or Enpress Vortech
SWT’s Mineral Extractor for Cyclonic Distributor System (CDS) & Enpress Vortech is designed for use on chambered tanks with a 2.5 inch neck and a fixed riser tube. The offset center tube of the mineral extractor will slide along the side of the tank’s stationary riser tube.
Included is a cap removal tool to remove the plugs that separate the chambers. Also included is an extension tube for the removal of mineral from the lower chamber.

NOTE: The cap removal tool can also be used as a refill tube, by removing the handle and placing a funnel inside the tube to wash in the new mineral.
A. Remove Mineral from the Top Chamber
Remove the head assembly from the tank top.
Slide the black adapter to near the bottom of the offset center tube.
Screw the black adapter onto the tank and push the offset center tube down to the bottom of the chamber.
Connect a garden hose to the inlet adapter.
  A.5 Slowly turn on the water and the mineral will be pushed out of the tank with water pressure at the outlet spout.
    NOTE: SLOWLY turn on the water to remove the mineral—too fast will clog the extractor.
B. Remove Mineral from the Lower Chamber
  B.1 Remove the extractor assembly from the tank top.
  B.2 Using the cap removal tool, slide the tool down over the tank’s riser tube to the cap at the bottom of the empty top chamber.
  B.3 Align the notches and push down counter-clockwise to release the cap, then slide the tool and cap up over the riser tube and remove.
  B.4 Add the extension tube to the end of the offset center tube and repeat steps A.2 through A.5.
SWT Cyclonic Distributor System & Enpress Vortec Mineral Extractor Assembly
PA-ME2.5-V Mineral Extractor for Tanks with 2.5 inch Neck and Cyclonic Distributor System or Enpress Vortech
The Mineral Extractor will remove a maximum size of 6mm (1/4 inch) diameter media. You will need to be careful that you take your time pulling the 6mm media from the tank. The average ID of the riser pipe on the extractor is 0.91 inch. The u-shaped bent pipe at the top of the extractor will have a "traffic jam" if you try to remove the 6mm media too quickly.
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Last Updated: June 13, 2018