Brine Director PVC Brine Director Valve
SWT Brine Director Valve
SWT’s Brine Director Valves offer water treatment professionals a means of decreasing the cost of labor and materials when installing a twin softener system. Brine directors eliminate the need for a second brine tank and reduce installation space requirements. Made in USA.
Materials: PVC or CPVC
Seals: EPDM
Maximum Operation Temperature: 140°F (60°C)
Diameter Length Material Flow
SM-BDC34 3/4 inch NPT 2 inch 5-1/2 inch PVC 0 to 5 gpm
SM-BDC34-CPVC 3/4 inch NPT 2 inch 5-1/2 inch CPVC 0 to 5 gpm
SM-BDC100 1 inch NPT 3 inch 6-5/8 inch PVC 3 to 12 gpm
SM-BDC100-CPVC 1 inch NPT 3 inch 6-5/8 inch CPVC 3 to 12 gpm
SM-BDC125 1-1/4 inch Socket 3 inch 6-5/8 inch PVC 3 to 20 gpm
SM-BDC125-CPVC 1-1/4 inch Socket 3 inch 6-5/8 inch CPVC 3 to 20 gpm
SWT Brine Director drawing SWT Brine Director setup
When Unit 1 in the illustration above begins regeneration, the pressure drop in the tank causes the double seat valve in the director to move to the left. The water pressure in Unit 2 presses the valve against the seat in Chamber B, holding Chamber A open. Brine is drawn from the brine tank, through Chamber A, and into Unit 1. The brine tank is refilled via the same route. When Unit 1 has finished its cycle and is back in service, the pressure becomes equal in both tanks, returning the brine director to neutral. When Unit 2 begins regeneration, the double seat valve moves to the right and the process repeats. The brine draw and refill level are controlled by the brine valve in the brine tank as in a conventional brining system.
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