Connectors Wedgit® Connectors
3/4 inch
Wedgit® Connectors are easy to use and quickly provide a positive seal for DI and exchange tank applications. They can be connected or disconnected in seconds blindfolded and without tools. Made in USA.
Wedeco Shop Pair (WED-075-CE) Wedeco Inlet Pair (WED-075-BE) Wedeco Outlet Pair (WED-075-CF) Wedeco Threaded Pair (WED-075-BF)
With only fingertip pressure, rotate the collar 1/8 turn (22 degrees) and the connection is sealed against pressure and vacuum. No tools, no cross-threading. no binding, no wear, no overtightening, no problems.
Wedgit Connectors are sold in four paired configurations. Each pair consists of a female coupler and a male coupler. The four pins located on the male coupler engage with the female coupler's internal wedge to lock/unlock the fitting. The inlet and outlet pairs are specially designed for error-free tank connections. Wedgit Assembly
Wedgit Connectors and plug
Operating: 0-175 psi
Leak: 750 psi
Burst: 750 psi
End Connections
Barb fits 3/4 inch ID hose
Thread fits 3/4 inch NPT
Structural Materials
Body: Glass Filed Noryl
Collar: Light Gray ABS
O-ring: EPDM
Thermal Testing
Conditions: 150 psi @ 150°F
Duration: 30 days
Result: No leak
Pulse Testing
Conditions: 150 psi,
    5 sec pulses
Duration: 200K cycles
Result: No leak
Flow (gpm) Drop (psi)
1 0.001
2 0.005
3 0.010
4 0.017
5 0.025
6 0.035
8 0.060
10 0.092
Wedgit Connectors — 3/4 Inch
Part Number Description
WED-075-BE INLET PAIR — 3/4 inch MPT Female Coupler x 3/4 inch Barb Male Coupler
WED-075-BF THREADED PAIR — 3/4 inch MPT Female Coupler x 3/4 inch MPT Male Coupler
WED-075-CE SHOP PAIR — 3/4 inch Barb Female Coupler x 3/4 inch Barb Male Coupler
WED-075-CF OUTLET PAIR — 3/4 inch Barb Female Coupler x 3/4 inch MPT Male Coupler
WED-075-PLUG Wedgit Plug — Fits Into Hose Barb End and Threaded End
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Last Updated: June 13, 2018