Sediment Filtration Automatic Flush Valve
The Automatic Flush Valve (AFV) is designed for use with SWT's Inline Centrifugal Sediment Filters when manual flushing is inconvenient, impractical, or undesirable. The AFV makes sediment filter maintenance easy and automatic. Simply attach the AFV to the centrifugal filter's purge valve, program a cycle time, and the filter will automatically flush at the selected time interval. Made in USA.
Automatic Flush Valve
UR-AFV Automatic Flush Valve
UR-AFV-HOSE KIT AFV Hose Kit — includes (2) 1/2 inch barb x 1/2 inch MNPT hose fittings; (2) SAE size 8 stainless steel worm drive clamps; (1) 24 inch length of 1/2 inch braid reinforced flexible PVC tubing (rated at 215 psi)
UR-AFV-VLV Replacement brass valve only
Adjustable Cycle Time:
1 minute to 14 days
Non-Adjustable Flush Time:
7 seconds
Flush Volume:
3.1 gal/cycle @ 80 psi
Working Pressure:
200 psig
Ambient Temperature:
35°F to 165°F
12 VDC
0.83 amps
Nema 4
Valve Construction:
Lead-free brass
Reinforced Teflon
Full-Port Ball Valve:
1/2 inch NPT
Power Adapter:
120 VAC, 20 ft cord
The automatic flush valve must be mounted to a supportive base. DO NOT suspend the AFV directly from the inline centrifugal sediment filter. The automatic flush valve has six holes on the back of the unit. The four larger holes are used for securing the faceplate to the unit. The two smaller holes are used to mount the unit directly to a supportive base. Remove the faceplate to mount the unit to a base.
AFV Suggested Installation
This unit may be mounted horizontally or vertically. Vertical installation is recommended for optimum performance. All necessary connections and tubing are provided in the AFV Hose Kit (P/N UR-AFV-HOSE KIT). If purchasing from another source, please make sure that 1/2 inch braid reinforced flexible PVC tubing with a 215 psi rating is used.
1. Wrap thread seal tape around threads of barb fitting male end before threading into pvc and brass ball valves.
2. Secure flexible tubing to barb fittings at hose end with clamps.
WARNING: Do not apply electrical power to the unit unless the unit is fully assembled and mounted. Always disconnect power source before working on this unit. The valve is under pressure. Discharge of fluids will occur during any cycling of the valve when unit is installed.
Plug the cord set into a proper power source. The automatic flush valve will cycle and the timing sequence will begin. To change the timing sequence, simply change the code setting (0-9) 1 minute to 14 days, and the timer will reset. The purge button may be used to cycle the unit at any time. Flush time is 7 seconds and cannot be adjusted.
Periodic maintenance is recommended to ensure long, dependable service from the automatic flush valve. Check power cord for breaks in the outer jacket or damage to the plug. The valve should be checked for leakage at the downstream side and all connections from the valve to the filter.
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Last Updated: September 7, 2022