Filtration Media CMX-Lite™
100% Ceramic Filter Media
CMX-Lite™ is a uniquely engineered medium-to-coarse crushed angular grain ceramic media, offering superior performance and significantly lower operational costs than traditional filtration media. Various effective sizes and uniformity coefficients are available upon request.
Treating highly coagulated or turbid water
Removing inorganic contaminants, heavy metals, and organic particulate
Mono-media gravity filtration applications, or used in conjunction with a traditional sand filter
Propagating and/or protecting biofilms
CMX-Lite is a lightweight, expanded granular material that has ten times more surface area than anthracite in the optimal micron range for filtration. This extraordinary amount of surface area increases particle removal as compared to all other filter media and at a lower cost than anthracite. CMX‑Lite is 20% lighter than anthracite, resulting in reduced wastewater production which saves users valuable water.

CMX-Lite outperforms anthracite as a filtration media and backwashes at lower rates saving backwash water. It can also be used to cap anthracite to increase filter UFRV’s.

CMX-Lite has an exceptionally high surface area making it excellent for growing biofilm and it can be coated with all types of metal oxides including MnO2 for iron and manganese removal.

CMX-Lite is an inert and non-reactive media that is compatible with acid, caustic, and all types of oxidants. CMX-Lite can be used in harsh industrial filtration applications, chemical filtration, and in high temperature processes up to 1000ºF (538ºC).

CMX-Lite media is manufactured in the USA and certified to NSF/ANSI-61 standard for use in drinking water.
CMX-Lite™ is a trademark of Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
  Biological filtration  
  Surface water filtration  
  Ground water filtration  
  Iron and manganese removal  
  Commercial, industrial, and municipal filtration  
  Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61  
  Manufactured in the USA  
Part Number CMX-L18
Material Fired ceramic
Surface Characteristics Highly textured
Shape Angular
Effective Size * 0.039 inch (1 mm)
(18 Mesh)
Uniformity Coefficient * < 1.5 (< 1.3 typical)
Density (hydrated) ** . 49 lb/cu.ft.
Bulk Density (dry) 34 lb/cu.ft.
Acid Solubility < 5% (< 1.0% typical)
Surface Area
(1 to 150 microns)
34,600 sq.ft./cu.ft.
Surface Pore Size Range 1 to 70 micron
Moh's Hardness 2.3
Floating Material < 4%
Backwash 10 to 16 gpm/sq.ft.
@ 55 to 65ºF
Packaging 27 cu.ft. bulk bags (918 lb)
* Effective sizes from 0.039 to 0.196 inches (1 to 5 mm) and a variety of uniformity coefficients are available upon request.
** Requires 24 hours minimum soak time to hydrate.
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