Oil/Water Separation
swtwater.com Replaces Fiberdyne P/N C-170X30S2N
and Pentair P/N OAC PLUS-30 222 Flat
OAC Series Oil/Water Separation Cartridges utilize media that can economically reduce hydrocarbon contamination in aqueous solutions. The radial flow design provides the largest possible surface area, reducing the media bed depth.
SWT Jumbo Stainless Steel Filter Housings The OAC Series is capable of removing very high concentrations of free oil, dispersed oil, surfactant based emulsions, and dissolved hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels. These cartridges can be used as stand-alone oil water separators, or to enhance or protect other systems.

OAC Series cartridges are capable of breaking the IMO 107(49) surfactant based emulsion in a single pass. The special patented non-swelling organic clay allows the cartridge to be filled with 100% active oil absorbing media, providing greater oil holding capacity.

Meet governmental regulations
Reduced maintenance due to fouling
Withstands harsh environments
Can be incinerated
Minimal pressure drop
Withstands high differential pressure up to 5 bar
Typically removes better than 99% in a single pass
Made in USA
Part Number:  OAC-PLUS-30-2F-EQUIV
Temperature:  150°F (65°C) maximum
Differential Presssure:  75 psid (5 bar) max.
Flowrate: 1 gpm per 10 inch length
(recommended flow < 50% of max.)
Changeout Pressure Drop:  35 psid (2.4 bar)
Approx. Oil Capacity Removal:  160 to 200 ml per 10 inch length
Absorbent:  Polypropylene & Proprietary Medias
Support Construction:  100% Polypropylene
Seal Material:  Buna-N
Dimensions:  2.75 inch Dia. x 30 inch Length
End Cap:  Single Open Ended (222 O-ring / Flat Top)
Commercial bilge and ballast water
Post oil/water separator polishing
Oil field produced water
Pipeline maintenance activities
Hydraulic tramp oil removal
Parts washing and plating baths
Compressor condensates
Boiler blow down
Membrane & GAC pretreatment
Pump sump discharge
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Last Updated: July 27, 2022