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SWT ProSelect Tannin Resin


SWT's specialty resin for
tannin and organic filtration

SWT's ProSelect Tannin is the choice for color, organics, and tannin contaminated waters. It works as an organic screen, either as a stand alone prefilter for a softener, or as a media which is added to an existing softener. ProSelect Tannin will sit on top of the existing softening bed to protect it and remove organic (heme) iron. Tannins will not release back into the water (even if the system bed is completely full). ProSelect Tannin is iron resistant, regenerates with salt, and is the resin choice for heme iron applications. Plus, it gives very little or no fishy odors even in applications where other resin types, such as acrylics, fail because of odor. Available as tannin filter system, Water Force Two (hybrid water softener and tannin filter system), or raw media by the box or bulk.


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