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SWT Resin/Media Loaders, Extractors, and Funnels


Put it IN... Take it OUT...

SWT's Loaders, Extractors, and Funnels offer an inexpensive, quick, clean, and hassle-free way of transferring media and resins to and from any size tank without moving the tank.
SWT's High Flow Mineral Extractors work with water pressure, not suction, to remove the expelled media from a vessel. They work on any and all type beds, and will even remove the gravel bed if needed. Extractors are available for tanks with 2.5 inch or 4 inch top openings, and even multi-chambered tanks.
SWT's Resin Loaders are designed to work with Rigid brand or similar type shop vac. No gaskets are required for the use of these resin loaders. Two lengths of 2.275 inch O.D. vacuum hose and a vacuum are all that is required to operate the loaders. Using the suction from the vacuum, resin or media is quickly and cleanly loaded into the tank. SWT's resin loaders are available for tanks with 2.5, 4, or 6 inch top openings.
SWT's Media Loading Funnels are larger and more durable than the competiton. They feature an extra-large bowl and a 0.20 inch wall thickness (standard competitive funnels have only 0.05 inch wall thickness). SWT funnels are built tough to exceed your media loading needs and don't break when dropped on a concrete floor. They efficiently load underbedding and media into residential, commercial, and industrial tanks with 2.5, 4, 4.5, or 6 inch openings.


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