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Field Notes by Rusty Waters
”Unscientific notes from a collection of the greatest minds in water quality improvement.”
Dear Customer,

Field Notes is a series of what we hope are helpful hints about actual water treatment problems, and the solutions, or tricks of the trade, that the greatest minds in water treatment, our customers, have assembled. We know that some of the most bizarre, aggravating water treatment problems have found the best solutions through a combination of experience and/or dumb luck—not from a manufacturer's, or a laboratory's, testing.

This is no big deal, really, but we at SWT believe it is our obligation to give our customers a little edge if we can, to help them to be more knowledgeable and competitive.

These Field Notes by our venerable columnist, Rusty Waters, will simply occur whenever Rusty hears of something he deems worth passing on. He wanted us to remind you, if you have something you would like to share with other members of the Safe Water Technologies' family, do not hesitate to call us up so we can pass your story on to Rusty. Or, write a fax or letter or email about your experience. He is willing to listen to all ideas. Rusty says, “Even though I'm prob'ly the oldest dang water treatment pro out there, I ain't fool 'nuff to think I know it all yet.”

(NOTE FROM MANAGEMENT: Rusty won't tell us his real age, but as near we can tell, he must be at least 20 years past the century mark. He is by no means feeble. In fact, the old curmudgeon can still be about the meanest, caustic, old salt we have ever met. He admits he became a caustic old salt from working with DI regeneration for so many years. Don't get us wrong. He has a heart of gold, but he's not afraid to spit in the eye of a City Plumbing Inspector half his age. On bad days when he gets a little too overbearing, we just start calling him “Crusty” and he eventually settles down. We should also mention that Rusty is a free spirit (understatement!) and we are not always able to edit everything he writes. If you like some of his ideas, please let us know. If you have serious disagreement with anything he says, please respond to him directly. Thank you.)

We at SWT hope that you find these real life applications useful, and that you can also contribute some little things that you may have learned along the way back to Rusty. We believe new ideas should be shared and any old ideas could be new to somebody else. Anyway, that's our story, and we're stickin' to it.

Yours truly,

The folks at SWT
If you have an unscientific idea that you would like to share with your fellow water quality improvement professionals, by all means let us hear it so we can pass the information along. Design by experience and evolution can be more reliable than what the eggheads can do in the lab or on a computer. We here at SWT believe that knowledge is meant to be shared. We do not presume to know more than our customers, and we really enjoy the exchange of ideas. You may e-mail your idea(s) to us at fieldnotes@swtwater.com.
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Last Updated: June 13, 2018