Filtration Media ProActive™ 20 x 50 Carbon
ProActive™ 20 x 50 Granular Activated Carbon (P/N IT50003) is made from a superior quality anthracite and bituminous, non-viscous coal. This 20 x 50 mesh carbon is the top of the line for chlorine reduction and is recommended for cartridge application or heavy chlorinated water. It is the best carbon we have for removal or reduction of organic contaminates, odor, taste, color, and turbidity.
Part Number IT50003
US Standard Mesh Size
  — Greater than 20
  — Less than 50
20 x 50
  5% maximum
  5% maximum
Backwash Expansion 35% to 40%
Backwash Rate 6 to 8 gpm/sq.ft. @ 55°F
Chlorine Reduction
@ 1ppm Influent
   2 gpm flow rate per cu.ft.
  5,000,000 gal
Iodine Number 1,000 mg/g minimum
Molasses Number 210 mg/g minimum
Abrasion Number 90 ASTM minimum
Methylene Blue 180 mg/g minimum
Benzene Number 38 minimum
CTC 65 minimum
Mean Particle Diameter 0.5 to 0.8 mm
Ash Content 12% maximum
pH 7
Moisture 3% maximum
Bulk Density 0.47 g/ml
Net Weight 27.5 lb / cu.ft.
Packaging 1 cu.ft. plastic lined, corrugated box
Total Surface Area
(N2 B.E.T. method)
1,000 to 1,050 m²/g
Pore Volume 0.95 ml/g
Backwash & Drained Density 0.42 g/ml
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ProActive™ is a trademark of Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
  High adsorption capacity and efficiency  
  Super durability that stands up well to backwash  
  Low fines, no floats, rinses fast  
  Low pH  
  Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61  
For safety and handling purposes, we recommend appropriate protective measures when entering a wet vessel containing granular activated carbon, because wet activated carbon depletes oxygen from air and therefore, dangerously low levels of oxygen may be encountered. In such a case, the oxygen level inside the vessel shall be determined before entering and appropriate protective equipment should be worn when entering, or leave the vessel open until the oxygen level in the vessel is normal.
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Last Updated: June 13, 2018