ProActive™ Carbon Index
The choice for whole house and commercial/industrial applications where little pressure drop is preferred. It is rated at a 950 minimum iodine number, making it a premium grade carbon for chlorine removal. It is tough enough to withstand frequent backwashing with its abrasion number of 90 minimum.
Recommended for residential applications, this carbon is almost twice as effective at chlorine removal than our 8 x 30 grade. It has a superior iodine rating of 1000 minimum and it is great for organics too.
This 100% USA mined and manufactured carbon is made from select grades of bituminous coal through a process known as reagglomeration to produce a high activity, durable, granular product capable of withstanding the abrasion associated with repeated backwashing, hydraulic transport, and reactivation for reuse.
This carbon is the top of the line for chlorine reduction and is recommended for cartridge application or heavy chlorinated water. It is the best carbon we have for removal or reduction of organic contaminates, odor, taste, color, and turbidity.
Made from a superior quality anthracite and non-viscous coal with naturally low ash, low sulphur and phosphorous content. It is manufactured through high temperature steam activation under stringent quality control. This product meets the standards of Food Chemical Codex for activated carbon.
Large surface area, high pore volume, high mechanical hardness and chemical stability, longer operating life, and easy to regenerate. The pore structure is carefully controlled to facilitate the adsorption of both high and low molecular weight organic molecules.
Used in liquid purification, filtration, and water treatment for the removal of organic contaminates, odor, taste, color, and turbidity. This product meets the standards of Food Chemical Codex for activated carbon.
This is a granular activated carbon produced from coconut shell by a high temperature activation process under stringent quality control. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, high pore volume, and chemical stability. It is certified to NSF Standard 61.
This is a high activity coconut shell based granular carbon that is specifically designed for the reduction of chloramines and hydrogen sulfide from potable water. It is certified to NSF Standard 61.
High microporosity, superior hardness, and low dust make this an ideal choice for point-of-use and point-of-entry filtration applications, as well as industrial applications with stringent water purity requirements. It is especially effective for adsorbing trace organic compounds such as THMs and pesticides, chlorine and disinfection by-products. It is certified to NSF Standard 61.
This is a dual-function activated carbon. It offers a high activity for the removal of both chloramines or chlorine from water, while, at the same time, it retains the inherent superiority of coconut shell carbons for removing trace organics. Like other coconut carbons, it has a higher hardness, lower dust level, and lower levels of soluble ash than standard coal-based carbons. It is a registered product under ANSI/NSF Standard 61.
This is specifically for use in the oil refining and gas processing industries for the treatment of amine solutions (DEA, MEA, etc). It has shown excellent adsorption characteristics when used in slipstream amine treatment applications.
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