Air Injectors Micronizer with Bypass Loop
SWT Air Injector Assemblies install horizontally or vertically.
SWT Air Injector Assemblies combine a Micronizer venturi air injector with a PVC bypass loop to save time and energy in the field. Air injection is the chemical-free way to oxidize dissolved iron and sulfide in the water. These non-corrosive assemblies are designed for well water applications and can be used with FilterEase™, Carbon, and MetalEase™ systems to greatly enhance their performance.
These assemblies are normally installed inline between the pump and the well tank, and draw air into the system as the pump cycles. The Micronizer features easy disassembly using true union connectors for scheduled cleaning.
Features Include:
Designed for residential well applications
3/4 inch or 1 inch socket connections
Great companion piece for MetalEase™ filters or
Magnum Accelerators
Easy to clean PVC Micronizer venturi air injector
Simple installation and operation
Fully adjustable settings by hand
No moving parts to wear out
MICRO-34 Air Injector Assembly, PVC 10 to 60 PSI 5 to 15 GPM 3/4 inch Socket
MICRO-1 Air Injector Assembly, PVC 10 to 60 PSI 5 to 15 GPM 1 inch Socket
IM-SSF1 Micronizer Venturi Air Injector, PVC 10 to 60 PSI 5 to 15 GPM 1 inch MNPT
WH-AV125-SO Automatic Air Vent (optional) 1/8 inch MNPT
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Last Updated: April 1, 2024