Filtration Media ProActive™ 20 x 50
SuperCat™ Coconut Shell Carbon
ProActive™ 20 x 50 SuperCat™ Coconut Shell Carbon (P/N IT50003SC) is a dual-function activated carbon. It offers a high activity for the removal of both chloramines and chlorine from water, while, at the same time, it retains the inherent superiority of coconut shell carbons for removing trace organics. Like other coconut carbons, it has a higher hardness, lower dust level, and lower levels of soluble ash than standard coal-based carbons. ProActive™ SuperCat™ Coconut Shell Carbon is NSF Certified.
Catalytic Chloramine Removal
Many municipalities now use chloramines instead of chlorine to disinfect water supplies; chloramines can also form after conventional chlorination via reaction with nitrogen containing organics. Because standard activated carbons do not remove chloramines well, SWT is introducing this surface-modified carbon, designed specifically to catalyze monochloramine (NH2Cl) decomposition.

Trace Organic Capacity
ProActive™ SuperCat™ Coconut Shell Carbon, a highly microporous carbon, also offers superior removal of chloroform, THM, and MTBE when compared to coal-based carbons.
For safety and handling purposes, we recommend appropriate protective measures when entering a wet vessel containing granular activated carbon, because wet activated carbon depletes oxygen from air and therefore, dangerously low levels of oxygen may be encountered. In such a case, the oxygen level inside the vessel shall be determined before entering and appropriate protective equipment should be worn when entering, or leave the vessel open until the oxygen level in the vessel is normal.
ProActive™ and SuperCat™ are trademarks of Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
  High adsorption capacity and efficiency  
  Super durability that stands up well to backwash  
  Highly developed pore structure  
  Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61  
Part Number IT50003SC
Gas Adsorption Capacity 55% minimum
Moisture Content 5% maximum
Particle Size * 20 x 50 mesh
Iodine Number 1250 minimum
Ash Content 3% maximum
Ball Pan Hardness 98
Bulk Density 46 g/cc
Packaging 56 lb. (2 cu.ft.) bag
* Particle size distribution will be 5% maximum on the top screen and 5% maximum through the bottom screen. If the moisture exceeds 5% BSC weight adjusts.
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ProActive™ SuperCat™
Coconut Carbon
Performance Comparison

The left figure shows an accelerated test of ProActive™ SuperCat™ Coconut Carbon and a coal-based catalytic carbon. Standard 9 x 2.5 inch water filter cartridges containing granular carbon were tested at 1 gpm water flow (11 sec. empty bed contact time). At higher empty bed contact times (>2 min), ProActive™ SuperCat™ Coconut Carbon reduced monochloramine from 3 ppm to non-detect levels.
ProActive™ SuperCat™
Coconut Carbon
Performance Comparison

The left figure shows kinetic tests of the monochloramine decomposition reaction with several different carbons.
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Last Updated: April 27, 2022