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ProSelect™ ER20009 (P/N ER20009) is a high capacity, shock resistant, macroporous, tertiary amine, weakly basic anion resin supplied in the free base form as moist, tough, uniform, spherical beads. ER20009 has tremendous regeneration efficiency and low rinse requirements and is also capable of reversibly adsorbing large organic ions. ER20009 has superior kinetics and greater resistance to oxidation and osmotic shock than standard gel type weak base resins. ER20009 is intended primarily for use in multiple bed demineralizers, resource recovery, and waste treatment applications. ER20009 can be used in multiple bed systems to protect strongly basic resins from fouling while decreasing regenerant consumption.
ER20009 can be used in a two-bed system following a strong acid cation exchanger, such as ProSoft™ Premium, where weak acid ions (silica and carbon dioxide) do not have to be removed. Where complete anionic removal is required, ER20009 can be placed ahead of a strong base anion exchange resin, such as ProSelect™ Silica, where it will efficiently remove strong acids, such as chlorides, sulfates, and nitrates. ER20009 exhibits tremendous regeneration efficiency (90%) and as an added benefit can be regenerated with waste caustic from the strong base anion unit. ER20009 can also be used as the top layer of a stratified anion unit, with ProSelect™ Silica as the bottom layer.

ER20009 has the ability to reversibly adsorb organic molecules like the naturally occurring humic and tannic acids that are primarily responsible for organic fouling. It can be used in a separate bed, ahead of the strong base exchanger to remove organics and strong acid ions. When used in this scheme ER20009 protects the strongly basic anion exchanger from becoming fouled.
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ProSelect ER20009 Pressure Drop Graph
PRESSURE DROP — The graph above shows the expected pressure loss per foot of bed depth as a function of flow rate at various temperatures.
ProSelect ER20009 Backwash Graph
BACKWASH — After each cycle the resin bed should be backwashed at a rate that expands the bed 50 to 75 percent. This will remove any foreign matter and reclassify the bed.
The operating capacity of ProSelect™ ER20009 for acid removal at various regeneration levels when treating an influent with a concentration of 500 ppm of HCl, as CaCO3, is shown in the following table.
Pounds NaOH
per cu.ft.
Capacity, Kilograins
per cu.ft.
3 19.0
4 21.5
5 23.5
6 25.0
Regeneration of ER20009 can be accomplished using sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, or sodium carbonate.
    Features & Benefits:    
  Organic fouling resistance and high operating capacity  
  Complies with FDA Regulations (paragraph 21CFR173.25) for Potable Water Applications  
  Highly uniform particle size, low pressure drop  
  Superior physical stability  
Part Number ER20009
Polymer Structure Styrene crosslinked with DVB
Functional Group R-N-(CH3)2+
Ionic Form (as shipped) Free Base
Physical Form Tough, spherical beads
Screen Size Distribution
  + 16 mesh (US Std.)
  – 50 mesh (US Std.)
16 to 50
  < 5 percent
  < 1 percent
pH Range 0 to 14
Sphericity > 95 percent
Water Retention 53 to 60 percent
Solubility Insoluble
Approx. Ship. Wt. 40 lb/cu.ft.
Swelling Free Base to Cl- Form Approx. 20 percent
Total Capacity > 1.3 meq/mL
Maximum Temperature 212°F (100°C)
Minimum Bed Depth 24 inches
Service Flow Rate 2 to 4 gpm/cu.ft.
Backwash Rate
  (See graph left)
50 to 75 percent Bed Expansion
Regenerant Concentration * 1 to 6 percent
Regenerant Flow Rate 0.5 to 1.0 gpm/cu.ft.
Regenerant Contact Time 30 minutes minimum
Regenerant Level 3 to 6 lb/cu.ft.
Displacement Rinse Rate Same as Regenerant Flow Rate
Displacement Rinse Volume 10 to 15 gal/cu.ft.
Fast Rinse Rate Same as Service Flow Rate
Fast Rinse Volume 35 to 60 gal/cu.ft.
* CAUTION: DO NOT MIX ION EXCHANGE RESINS WITH STRONG OXIDIZING AGENTS. Nitric acid and other strong oxidizing agents can cause explosive reactions when mixed with organic materials such as ion exchange resins.
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