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Nothing fancy here — just the most basic of anion exchange resins. A simple, low cost, all-around anion resin intended for use with all types of dealkalizing deionization, chemical process applications, and all the other “-ations” one runs into now and then.
This anion resin has the highest possible capacity for tannins and other naturally occuring organic matter (NOM) due to its acrylic polymer backbone and macroporous physical structure. Tannins and similar naturally occurring organics cause most of the color in potable waters. ProSelect Tannin High Purity removes these substances and is easily regenerated with sodium chloride, in the same fashion as a water softener.
One of the newest advancements in ion exchange technology. This is one of the first resins to be preferential to nitrates over sulfates and other ions in the water. It removes and then holds onto nitrates so they aren’t dumped back into the water supply. This makes ProSelect Nitrate the perfect choice to solve nitrate contamination problems in well water applications.
If you’ve run into silica problems in the past, you know how hard it is to take care of them. Now, we’ve formulated the perfect resin to work hand-in-hand with our ProSoft™ Premium softening resin for the purpose of silica removal. At SWT, we respond to your needs.
ER20009 is intended primarily for use in multiple bed demineralizers, resource recovery, and waste treatment applications. It can be used in multiple bed systems to protect strongly basic resins from fouling while decreasing regenerant consumption.
The resin has been used successfully for years at several U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency Superfund sites to remove hexavalent chromium from groundwater—in one case offering projected savings to the federal government of up to $20 million. The unique chemical structure of the resin provides tremendous throughput capacity with the ability to load more than 7 lb of chrome per cubic foot of media under ideal conditions.
This selective gel strong base anion resin can be used for removal of various PFAS compounds, including PFOA and PFOS, from water. Testing has shown it can remove a wide range of other PFAS species in addition to these compounds. Ion exchange offers the benefit of reduced contact times and longer throughputs vs. conventional activated carbon treatment.
This borate selective macroporous chelating weak base anion resin provides exceedingly high selectivity for boron in almost any aqueous solution, yet can be regenerated with acid and then neutralized with various alkaline salts prior to use. It is intended for all borate removal applications including potable water, ultrapure water, and boron removal from concentrated brines.
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