Filtration Media 8 x 30 Granular Activated Carbon
For Cleanamine™ Filter
8 x 30 Granular Activated Carbon for Cleanamine Filter is specifically for use in the oil refining and gas processing industries for the treatment of amine solutions (DEA, MEA, etc). It has shown excellent adsorption characteristics when used in slipstream amine treatment applications.
Reagglomeration creates optimal transport pores for faster adsorption.
A consistent, high quality product with a strongly adsorbing wide-range pore structure optimal for the adsorption of a variety of degradation products and foam causing contaminants.
High mechanical strength and uniform transport pore distribution resulting in excellent performance in a wide range of process conditions.
Hardness and abrasion resistance required for environmentally friendly thermal reactivation and reuse and to minimize the generation of fines in operations requiring backwashing or with intermittent flow patterns.
Granular Activated Carbon used in the purification of recirculating amine streams, in glycol dehydration units and gas purification units where amines are used for sour gas treatment.
For safety and handling purposes, we recommend appropriate protective measures when entering a wet vessel containing granular activated carbon, because wet activated carbon depletes oxygen from air and therefore, dangerously low levels of oxygen may be encountered. In such a case, the oxygen level inside the vessel shall be determined before entering and appropriate protective equipment should be worn when entering, or leave the vessel open until the oxygen level in the vessel is normal.
Cleanamine™ is a trademark of Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
  Reagglomerated metallurgical grade bituminous coal  
  Uniformly activated granules  
  High pore volume  
  Faster adsorption  
Part Number IT50001-CLEANAMINE
Iodine Number, mg/g 900 minimum
Ash, wt% 10 maximum
Moisture (as packaged), wt% 2 maximum
8 US Mesh [2.36mm], wt% 15 maximum
< 30 US Mesh [0.600mm] (PAN), wt% 4 maxiimum
Typical Flow Rate Velocity:
  10% slipstream of amine flow rate
4.0 gpm/sq.ft. (2.7 cm/sec) maximum
2.0 gpm/sq.ft. (1.4 cm/sec) typical
Contact Time:
  15 minutes minimum
Vessel Material:
  Unlined carbon steel
Typical Carbon Life:
  Dependent on amine quality, filtration bag, or cartridge filter—both upstream and downstream of carbon vessel.
Typical Design:
  Single vessel is typical, but dependent on amine flow rate. Multiple vessels would be in parallel mode operation.
  An effective carbon system for amine purification should include a properly designed and sized carbon vessel, pre- and post-carbon mechanical filtration, and efficient carbon handling equipment. The carbon system should be installed on the lean side of the circulating amine stream. Experience has shown that when rich side treatment is applied, the CO2 and H2S that are absorbed by the amine can be released in the carbon bed. This gas tends to form “bubbles” around the carbon granules and inhibits the adsorption process.
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Last Updated: May 12, 2022