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ProSelect PFAS is a chloride form perchlorate, nitrate, and PFAS selective gel strong base anion (P/N ER20012) or polystyrenic macroporous (ER20012-MP) resin. It is Gold Seal Certified by the WQA for use in potable water applications. Its unique functionality greatly increases the selectivity for nitrate while greatly decreasing the interference from sulfate ions. ProSelect PFAS is recommended for the removal of perchlorate, nitrate, and most PFAS compounds.
ER20012 Pressure Drop Graph
PRESSURE DROP — The graph above shows the expected pressure loss per foot of bed depth as a function of flow rate at various temperatures.
ER20012 Backwash Expansion Graph
BACKWASH — The graph above shows the expansion characteristics as a function of flow rate at various temperatures.
PFAS Removal
ProSelect PFAS can be used for removal of various PFAS compounds, including PFOA and PFOS, from water. Currently, this is a non-regnerable application. Testing has shown it can remove a wide range of other PFAS species in addition to these compounds. Ion exchange offers the benefit of reduced contact times and longer throughputs vs. conventional activated carbon treatment. An understanding of the influent water chemistry is needed for thorough review. Levels of TOC, VOC, and individual PFAS compounds are needed in addition to the basic background water chemistry (chloride, sulfate, alkalinity, etc.). Any other contaminants that may be present are also needed to determine impact on PFAS removal (uranium, perchlorate, chromate, arsenic, etc.).
Perchlorate Removal
ProSelect PFAS is ideal for single use perchlorate removal applications and is a cost effective method to remove trace levels of perchlorate from water. The perchlorate ion is very strongly attracted to ProSelect PFAS—so much so that regeneration is impractical or impossible. However, in most cases, ER20012-MP loads perchlorate to almost the full capacity of the resin, resulting in very long life and eliminating the need to regenerate and re-use the spent resin.
ProSelect™ is a trademark of Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
  Highest operating capacity of any perchlorate selective resin  
  Low sulfate selectivity  
  Controlled particle size, low pressure drop  
  Superior physical stability  
  NSF/ANSI-61 Certified for Material Safety  
Strong Base Anion ER20012
Polystyrenic Macroporous ER20012-MP
Polymer Matrix
Styrenic Gel
Styrenic Macroporous
Ionic Form Chloride
Functional Group Tributylamine
Physical Form Spherical beads
Yellow to orange
White to tan
Particle Size 16 to 50 US Mesh
(297 to 1190 μm)
Minimum Sphericity
Uniformity Coefficient 1.6 approx.
Reversible Swelling Cl to No₃ –5% to –10%
Temperature Limit 250°F (121°C)
Total Exchange Capacity
0.8 meq/mL
0.6 meq/mL *
Moisture Retention
38 to 50%
43 to 58%
Regenerability Yes **
Approx. Ship. Wt. 40 to 42 lb/cu.ft.
(641 to 673 g/L)
Packaging 500 ml samples
1 cu.ft. bags
1 cu.ft. boxes
1 cu.ft. drums
7 cu.ft. drums
42 cu.ft. supersacks
* Despite having a lower capacity than ER20012, ER20012-MP has faster kinetics and can be used at shorter EBCT.
** Exception: currently non-regenerable for PFAS removal applications.
Maximum Temperature 170°F (66°C)
Minimum Bed Depth 24 inches
Backwash Expansion 25 to 50%
Maximum Pressure Loss 20 psi
Operating pH Range 4 to 10 SU
Regenerant Concentration
  Salt Cycle
5 to 10% NaCl
Regenerant Level >10 lb/cu.ft.
Regenerant Flow Rate 0.25 to 1.0 gpm/cu.ft.
Regenerant Contact Time > 30 minutes
Displacement Flow Rate Same as dilution water
Displacement Volume 10 to 15 gal/cu.ft.
Rinse Flow Rate Same as service flow
Rinse Volume 35 to 60 gal/cu.ft.
Service Flow Rate 1 to 3 gpm/cu.ft.
CAUTION: DO NOT MIX ION EXCHANGE RESINS WITH STRONG OXIDIZING AGENTS. Nitric acid and other strong oxidizing agents can cause explosive reactions when mixed with organic materials such as ion exchange resins.
SWT Ion Exchange Resin Guide
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