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swtwater.com ProSelect™ Boron/Borate
ProSelect Boron/Borate is a borate selective macroporous chelating weak base anion resin. Its unique functionality provides exceedingly high selectivity for boron in almost any aqueous solution, yet can be regenerated with acid and then neutralized with various alkaline salts prior to use. It is intended for all borate removal applications including potable water, ultrapure water, and boron removal from concentrated brines.
ER20013 Pressure Drop Graph
PRESSURE DROP — The graph above shows the expected pressure loss per foot of bed depth as a function of flow rate at various temperatures.
ER20013 Backwash Expansion Graph
BACKWASH — The graph above shows the expansion characteristics as a function of flow rate at various temperatures.
Boron Removal From Potable Water
ProSelect Boron/Borate can be used to remove boron from potable waters of any type. Its selectivity for boron is so high that the concentration of common bulk ions such as chloride, sulfate, and bicarbonate are unimportant. ProSelect Boron/Borate is kinetically limited and cannot be operated at a high flow rate without experiencing increased leakage and decreased throughput capacity.

Regeneration is accomplished with acid to strip the boron, followed by caustic to remove the acidity. The regenerated resin should be buffered into the potable water range to prevent possible pH excursions when it is first returned to service, and also to prevent possible calcium carbonate scaling.
Boron Removal From Brine
ProSelect Boron/Borate can be used to remove boron from almost any brine stream, even when the brine is fully saturated. The brine pH must not be lower than approximately 4 or the chelating exchange groups will be destabilized and might not work properly. Ion exchange in any concentrated salt solution is kinetically hindered by high TDS, therefore flow rates are necessarily low.
ProSelect™ is a trademark of Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
  Highly selective for boron — able to remove boron from almost any liquid solution, provided that the pH is greater than 4  
  Superior physical stability — 90% plus sphericity, high crush strengths, and carefully controlled particle distribution provide long life and low pressure drop  
  Suitable for regenerable applications — two stage acid/caustic regeneration process restores the capacity for hundreds of operating cycles  
Free Base Form ER20013
Polymer Matrix Styrenic Macroporous
Ionic Form Free Base
Functional Group Methylglucamine
Physical Form Spherical beads
Color White to tan
Particle Size 16 to 50 US Mesh
(297 to 1190 μm)
% < 50 mesh (300 μm) < 1%
Minimum Sphericity 95%
Uniformity Coefficient 1.6
Reversible Swelling Free Base to Cl
15% to 20%
Temperature Limit 170°F (77°C)
Capacity 0.8 meq/ml
Moisture Retention 46 to 60%
Regenerability Yes
Approx. Ship. Wt. 38 to 40 lb/cu.ft.
(609 to 641 g/L)
Packaging 500 ml samples
1 cu.ft. bags
1 cu.ft. boxes
1 cu.ft. drums
7 cu.ft. drums
42 cu.ft. supersacks
Maximum Temperature
  Free Base Form
170°F (77°C)
Minimum Bed Depth 24 inches
Backwash Expansion 25 to 50%
Maximum Pressure Loss 20 psi
Operating pH Range 4 to 10 SU
Regenerant Concentration
  Acid Strip
  Caustic Neutralization
0.5 to 6% HCl
1 to 4% NaOH
Regenerant Level 3 to 10 lb/cu.ft.
Regenerant Flow Rate 0.25 to 1.0 gpm/cu.ft.
Regenerant Contact Time > 30 minutes
Displacement Flow Rate Same as dilution water
Displacement Volume 10 to 15 gal/cu.ft.
Rinse Flow Rate Same as service flow
Rinse Volume 35 to 60 gal/cu.ft.
Service Flow Rate  0.5 to 2 gpm/cu.ft.
CAUTION: DO NOT MIX ION EXCHANGE RESINS WITH STRONG OXIDIZING AGENTS. Nitric acid and other strong oxidizing agents can cause explosive reactions when mixed with organic materials such as ion exchange resins.
SWT Ion Exchange Resin Guide
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