DI Lights
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DI Lights
SWT’s DI Lights are an economical method of monitoring water quality via resistivity / conductivity / TDS. The bright red or green visual output is easy to read. The monitoring is simple: the green light indicates the water resistivity is above the threshold value; the red light indicates that it is below. The LED output and solid state circuitry will outlast conventional neon lamps. Made in USA.
Hy-Lite Water Quality Indicator Systems incorporate exclusive Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC) and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) circuitry for unequaled accuracy. Proper TC design is especially important in high purity applications because the effect of temperature on resistivity/conductivity values varies significantly with purity level. For increased accuracy, the Hy-Lite ATC has been range-tuned to the appropriate TC factor for the particular setpoint resistivity.
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Last Updated: July 30, 2019