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The Soft n’ Pure™ Whole House Water Purification System is the first affordable water treatment system to not only soften water, but also remove or significantly reduce over 100 carcinogenic chemicals as listed by the EPA, and also disinfect the entire home’s water supply against harmful pathogenic bacteria such as: E. Coli, baccilary dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and others.
SWT Soft n' Pure System
This single treatment system utilizes ProSoft™ Resins, ProActive™ Carbons and a 10 gpm Spectrum Biolyte™ Series UV Chamber as the primary functioning stages. Available with the newest in computer monitoring technology for maximized efficiency.
There is no more comprehensive way
to treat every water outlet in the house
for softening, dechlorination, taste & odor,
and microbiological contaminants.
A step up from reverse osmosis, the Soft n’ Pure™ system is capable of not just treating 10 or 20 gallons of water per day for drinking, but is capable of actually purifying several hundred gallons per day. It will treat all the water for every sink, faucet, shower, and bathtub throughout the home.
30,000 microwatts of UV power
Up to 33,000 grain softening capacity
Flow rates up to 10 gallons per minute
Corrosion-free fiberglass tanks and Noryl valves
Fully programmable, energy efficient controller uses less than $5.00 of electricity per year
All international voltages available
10 year warranty on tanks, 5 year warranty on valves
Soft n’ Pure Residential Water Purification Systems
Part Number Controller Softening Capacity
Per Regeneration
Taste &
µw sec/cm²
10 Lbs.
15 Lbs.
SNP-10C-NC 12 Day Clock Timer 29,000 gr. 33,000 gr. No 30,000 10 None
SNP-10D-NC Computer / Metered 29,000 gr. 33,000 gr. No 30,000 10 None
SNP-10C 12 Day Clock Timer 29,000 gr. 33,000 gr. Yes 30,000 10 1 Cu.Ft.
SNP-10D Computer / Metered 29,000 gr. 33,000 gr. Yes 30,000 10 1 Cu.Ft.
How the system works:

Stage 1: A fully automatic demand regeneration water conditioner not only softens the water, but also removes lead, iron, radium, and filters sediment.

Stage 2: The water then enters a compacted bed of steam activated carbon. This removes or reduces unpleasent taste and ordors, and also chlorine, pesticides, THM’s, PDB’s, and other common chemicals that have been found in water supplies and have been defined as carinogenic by the EPA.

Stage 3: The water exits through a stainless steel disinfecting chamber which bombards bacteria, viruses, and harmful microorganisms with high levels of germicidal ultraviolet light and renders them harmless. This process of purification works without chemicals and leaves no residual in the water. Ultraviolet irradiation is now accepted by both the EPA and the FDA as a safe, effective method of sterilization.
Soft n' Pure system cutaway

Soft n’ Pure™ Water Purification Systems will remove completely, or reduce significantly, the following contaminants from water:
Adipates (diethylhexyl) Chromium (+3) Endrin PCB’s
Alachlor Chrysene (PAH) Ethylbenzene Sediment
Aldicarb Dalapon Ethelene dibromide (EDB) Simarzine
Aldicarb sulfone Di (2-ethylhexl) adipate Glyphosate Styrene
Aldicarb sulfoxide Dibenz (a,h) antracene Heptachlor 3,7,8-TCDD (dioxin)
Atrazine Dibromochloropropane Heptachlor epoxide 2,4-D 2,4,5-TP (silvex)
Benz (a) anthracine (PAH) Dichlorobenzene (meta-) Hextachlorobenzene TCB’s
Benzene Dichlorobenzene (ortho) Hextachlorocyclopentadiene TCE’s
Benzo (a) pyrene (PAH) Dichlorobenzene (para-) Indo (1,2,3-c,d) pyrene (PAH) Tetrachloroethylene
Benzo (b) floranthene (PAH) Dichloroethane (1,2-) Lidane Thallium
Benzo (k) floranthene (PAH) Dichloroethylene (1,1-) Mercury (organic complexes) THM’s
Beryllium Dichloroethylene (cis-1,2-) Methoxychlor Toulene
Butyl benzyl phthalate (PAE) Dichloroethylene (trans-1,2) Monochlorobenzene Toxaphene
Cadmium Dichloropropane Organic color Vinyl chloride
Carbofuran Diethylhexyl phthalate (PAE) Organics Xylenes
Carbon tetrachloride Dinoseb Oxymal  
Chlordane Diquat Pentachlorophenal  
Chlorine Endothall Picloram  
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