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We found a way to save you some money here and still get the job done. A 7% crosslinked softening resin that is for low or non-chlorinated waters, ProSoft™ Gold is perfect for well water and non-turbulator applications. Excellent exchange capability and every bag is prewashed and rinsed so you don’t have to do it in the field.
The best value for an all-around, hard working, softening resin. It is primarily used on the types of chlorinated waters associated with municipal water treatment. Its full 8% crosslinking makes ProSoft™ Premium more resistant to chlorine attack and the vigorous backwashes of commercial applications and turbulators.
We took our premium grade resin and reduced the particle size for faster kinetics and regeneration. ProSoft™ Fine Mesh is ideally suited for cabinet style softeners and for use with ProSelect™ Tannin-HP for a mixed bed softener/organic removal unit. You won’t have any problems here with fines or color throw, because we have already prewashed and rinsed the resin for you.
Manufactured in special runs to provide one of the toughest softening resins around. With a 10% crosslink and 35,000 grain capacity at 15 lbs of salt, ProSoft™ Heavy Duty is pefect for industrial applications involving rigorous backwashing or high chlorine levels.
The most chemically resistant softening resin we offer. It is manufactured for minimal pressure drops and where high iron content requires constant bed cleaning with solvents. ProSoft™ High Porosity is also a favorite in chemical processing applications.
ProSoft™ ER10011-NA is a premium grade, high capacity, cation resin supplied in the sodium form (also available in hydrogen form). It is intended for use in dealkalization, deionization, and chemical processing applications.
ProSoft™ ER10011-MP is a premium grade cation resin supplied in the hydrogen form (also available in the sodium form). It has a high affinity for divalent ions and is intended for use in hydrogen cycle dealkalization, deionization, and chemical processing applications.
Resin Capacity Comparison Chart (SWT cation resins)
Cation Resin Selection Chart (Based on chlorine and iron levels)
Ion Exchange Resin Guide (SWT cation, specialty, mixed bed, chelating, and inert resins)
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