Residential Water Softeners Allsoft™ Twin Tank Softeners
SWT’s AllSoft™ Twin Tank Softeners provide continuous soft water all day... Everyday! One tank is always in service, while the other tank is in regeneration. The AllSoft system can be configured for either twin alternating or twin parallel operation.
      Soft Water Backwash
The AllSoft system backwashes with softened water to eliminate hardness carry-over. The AllSoft system is also extremely efficient, using as little as 30 gallons of soft water to regenerate.

Product Reliability
The AllSoft system combines the time-proven Performa 278 Series valve body with the innovative electronic controls of the Logix 764 Series product line to provide a reliable product. Dealers do not need to stock new parts for this system because standard service parts for SWT residential systems are all that are required.

Memory and History Capabilities

The AllSoft system meters and stores water usage data. This data can be displayed, allowing the user to monitor usage and fine-tune the cycle settings accordingly.

Easy-to-Read Display
The AllSoft controllers have a large four-digit display, allowing the user to easily view the remaining capacity and flow rate. The controller also clearly displays which tank is in service, and which is in regeneration or standby.
Above: AllSoft shown with optional
chrome finish tank jackets.
SWT’s AllSoft Twin Tank Water Softener Systems utilize ProSoft and ProSelect resins as the primary functioning layers. These cation and anion exchange units are designed to remove calcium and magnesium (hardness), and are available with nitrate, chlorine, and tannin removal capabilities. AllSoft systems feature the newest in computer monitoring technology for maximized efficiency. All units include two (2) bypass valves, brine tank, and two (2) brine pickups with air check assembly. Plus, these systems now feature SWT’s Cyclonic Distributor System to provide full bed contact, less channeling, and superior backwashing.
  Fully ported 1 inch valves  
  100% corrosion-free system  
  Energy efficient controller uses less than $5.00 of electricity per year  
  SWT’s Cyclonic Distributor System™ increases flow efficiency  
  Power Loss Memory Retention stores programmed parameters in static memory (battery back-ups not needed)  
  10 year warranty on tanks, 5 year warranty on valves  
  Safety floats and chrome finish tank jackets available  
  Twin parallel configuration optional  
The Competition Doesn’t Compare! Fleck 9000 Kinetico Twin SWT AllSoft
Includes SWT’s Cyclonic Distributor System™ No No Yes
Fully ported 1 inch valves for high flow rates & low pressure drops No No Yes
Twin parallel operation option No No Yes
Isolation of unit for servicing * No No Yes
Common parts with other family valves No Yes Yes
Low cost, highly advanced electronics No No Yes
Flow and usage history at the touch of a button No No Yes
 * Isolation is configuration-dependent.
AllSoft™ System Specifications
Part Number Tank
CaCO3 (Hardness) Capacity Per Tank Service Flow Rate Standard
@ 6 lbs/cu.ft.
@ 10 lbs/cu.ft.
@ 15 lbs/cu.ft.
Standard Peak
WSC76PT-50 7 x 44 11,000 13,775 16,750 3 GPM 6 GPM 1" Copper
WSC76PT-75 8 x 44 16,500 20,650 25,125 4 GPM 8 GPM 1" Copper
WSC76PT-10 9 x 48 22,000 27,550 33,500 5 GPM 10 GPM 1" Copper
WSC76PT-15 10 x 54 33,000 41,325 50,250 7.5 GPM 15 GPM 1" Copper
WSC76PT-20 12 x 52 44,000 55,100 67,000 10 GPM 20 GPM 1" Copper
WSC76PT-25 13 x 54 55,000 68,875 83,750 12.5 GPM 20 GPM 1" Copper
WSC76PT-35 14 x 65 77,000 96,425 117,250 17.5 GPM 20 GPM 1.25" Copper
Operating capacity based on influent of 500 ppm as CaCO3 with ratio of 2 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium.
Capacities include a 5 to 10% safety factor.
Operating Pressure:20 to 125 psi (1.4 to 8.6 bar)
Operating Temperature: 36 to 120ºF (2 to 48.9ºC)
All pressure vessels are wound fiberglass composite tanks with copolymer polypropylene liner and are NSF® listed.
All control valves are and NSF® listed.
International voltages available.
Other connections available.
Allsoft™ is a trademark of Safe Water Technologies, Inc.
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Elgin, IL 60120 USA
Telephone: +1.847.888.6900
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Last Updated: September 7, 2022